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Before you take Atarax, inform your physician if you have a seizure ailment, liver disease, or kidney illness.

Hydroxyzine is swiftly absorbed from the gastrointestinal system and Atarax's medical results are typically kept in mind within 15 to 30 mins after oral administration.

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Migraine, exhaustion, depression, uneasiness, sedation, as well as insomnia have likewise been stated with hydroxyzine (the energetic element contained in Atarax) With greater compared to suggested doses of hydroxyzine, uncontrolled electric motor tactics such as trembling as well as convulsions have actually been reported in unusual circumstances.

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In one telephone follow-up research, mommies stated irritation and also colicky symptoms 10 % of babies subjected to different antihistamines and sleepiness was stated in 1.6 % of little ones.